Shooting film, mixing chemicals, printing images and making books.
Find the Darkroom in Camden palace Hotel, Cork City.
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It’s getting to be that time again…

The Darkroom @ Camden Palace Hotel, Cork Open Day, Saturday Feb 1st 2014.

"Deja View" Camden Palace Hotel Cine Club Launch

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We went to Italy.

Photo Walk Cork City

On Friday afternoons I meet with some pretty interesting people to talk about photography and eat cake. A few weeks ago Rudy Ramos suggested a photo walk, we went and these are some of my images.


In August we took a family weekend trip to Connemara. I worried briefly about what to make images of, feeling the pressure of Ireland’s breathtaking landscape tradition I copped out completely and went with this project.

Each time a scene caught my attention and made me raise the camera I arranged my frame only to turn around 180°, compose and make an image with whatever happened to be before me.

Here is some of what I found.

Darkroom Cork City →

Darkroom Cork

Find us at Camden Palace Hotel, Camden Quay, Cork City.

The Dark Room aims  to support and encourage the photographic community in Cork by providing a broad range of resources, both in terms of a physical place to work and a forum for exchanging ideas.

Offering traditional darkroom printing and film processing facilities along with workshops talks and courses exploring the many aspects of photography.

Beginners and refresher classes teaching Darkroom basics run frequently in the Darkroom, along side social events and specialised workshops. 

Merry Christmas

Mount Blakeney Christmas 2011